Link Building Guidelines

  • 1) Keyword research

    To begin researching guest post opportunities we first need to develop an overall keyword list which will be a range of search terms relevant to the company we are looking to build links for. Once we have these we can move onto the overall research and collection of opportunities.

  • 2) Finding Guest Post Topics

    To begin with we need to find relevant topics and keywords which we can write about and find relevant sites to get a link from the below outlines this process and how you should conduct the overall research.

  • 3) Reviewing Domain Rating

    Once you have a full list of domains which could be potential outreach targets we need to ensure we these are of a high quality and likely to drive the relevant authority needed to improve our organic positioning this stage means we need to check the overall “Domain Authority”.

  • 4) Manually Checking Websites

    To ensure we not only verify each site from an authority perspective we want to make sure the overall content and feel of this site is one we would have associated with client’s brands. To do this there will need to be a process of manually checking sites to ensure they have the right type of content and are not littered with ads which might reduce the impact for our link building efforts.

  • Checking Relevancy

    To ensure we have sites we can actually outreach to you’ll need to manually check the quality and types of domains to ensure we only have relevant contact or “Write for us” pages and not generic article pages which are not going to be relevant to our campaign.

  • 5) Email Research

    Now we have a fully refined list of prospects we need to begin finding contact information for these contacts which can again be added to our spreadsheet, we’re looking for either an email address or contact form which will us to pitch new content ideas to.

  • Ahrefs Research Overview

    To first begin the process of finding a range of outreach contacts we need to gather websites which are relevant to the audience and industry we are looking to build links into.

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Link Building Guidelines

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