How to Create a Video Introduction

How to Create a Video Introduction

Your video introduction can make or break your career. There is only one goal – to feel your confidence outside the screen which will leave a mark to the viewer/employer enough to remember you and include you in the shortlist.

The Four Bs

  1. Background. Set up a nice white background when recording a video introduction. Make sure there are no unnecessary noises that can impede the quality of your recording. We don’t want to distract your future employer with photos of your family or the color of your walls. 
  2. Business Appeal. Wear a business suit as you record your two-minute video introduction. It adds extra power and conveys a message of your professionalism. These people are hiring to tend to their business and not someone to be cared for.
  3.   Be Coherent. Speak clearly. Say what you need to say and not what you want to say. Your name, your educational attainment, your expertise and experiences. State your goals, a person with a goal means direction. Be direct but polite, humble yet confident. Introduce yourself like you are promising you can deliver.
  4. Bearing. Be mindful of your posture. No unnecessary movements. Keep your hands in place. Make sure not to slouch on the chair, you don’t want to give the wrong brand for yourself. Look directly at the camera to give the impression of you talking directly to the employer to show a sense of sincerity.

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